Daily Commentary 02/06/2016

Equity markets were flat overnight and US Manufacturing PMI posted small gains. Chinese Manufacturing and Non-Manufacturing PMI was also steady, with no major surprises, allowing global equities to settle. The EUR was trading just below 1.1200, ahead of tonight’s ECB rate decision, while the GBP slipped to 1.4400 as brexit polls tighten. The Feds Beige Book portrayed moderate growth across the US economy and thus a tightening in the Labour markets, neutralizing any possible interest rate hike. The AUD surged, after GDP growth numbers beat expectations and lifted annual growth to 3.1%! The spike was due to strong export growth with an assist to the sliding currency. The AUD jumped to 0.7250, while the NZD over performed, pushing above 0.6800. Confidence in the NZ currency was aided by the rise in the AUD but was given further support by a lift in the Dairy Auction. NZ Terms of Trade jumped 4.4%, while house prices remain high, moving up 12.4%. Positive signs in Australasian export markets, are pushing the currencies higher tempting Central Banks to inaction, if not a cut. US markets will now look to US Jobs reports with high expectations.


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